Thursday, November 13, 2008


HAHAHA This beginning of this video is hilarious with kanye and tpain!! haha gotta love em!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


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It doesn't matter who you vote for. Just make sure you do, this is an important event and we all should be participating and getting involved with our next President of the United States. Let your voice be heard. Go vote.....FOR JOHN MCCAIN! haha. :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Too Much Drama With Obama. No Pain With McCain.


Elections are one day away, so I might as well give my view on what I think about it. I think it’s terrible that people my age are not getting into the politics of what’s going on. I’m not saying everyone that’s around 18-19, but just most. I feel like when ever I tried to have an intelligent discussion with somebody about why they are voting for Barack Obama, I got answers like…” Cause he’s a brotha, he’s good looking, he’s younger, he’s cool, he’s a good speaker” And it just started to seem like we were voting for a Prom King and not the next PRESIDENT of the United States. People complain that McCain is too old, “he will probably die in office” I hear it all the time…. Look people, you don’t have to be young, or in shape, or in your prime to be President. I thought people would look for qualities in a President such as experience, wisdom and knowledge, a guy who has been there and done that, which are all qualities McCain brings. But it seems like it’s so far been frowned upon. There are a lot of Political reasons why I’m voting for McCain and not Obama, but I’m not gonna get into all of it cause I’ll be sitting here all day. But as for ME, it all goes back to my beliefs/religion/morals. Let’s go back to our founding fathers who built the foundation and Constitution of the United States on Biblical, Christian values. The Bible and the 10 Commandments is where we based all our Laws from. So of course everyone hates the Law cause everyone hates the Bible, cause everyone hates God… Doesn’t it all make sense now?? Republicans have always been more of the Conservative party which if anyone is Christian or Catholic or have any morals at all, should be for Republicans. Democrats have been known to be very Liberal, people who try to solve situations more by reason instead of faith. So it’s basically like we have a bunch of Atheists/Darwinists in Congress… That’s awesome? If this country is ran by Democrats, I feel like the moral of this Country will go down the drain. Again this is only my opinion. All I ask is for the people who are actually gonna VOTE, to think real deep and real hard about it. If I can convert one Obama supporter to vote for McCain tomorrow, than I’ve done my job. This is ya boy, you know who it is.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Hahaha these lil kids killed me man. It's pretty sweet though, i give em props. Try to look for the only white kid tryna get into it hahahaaa.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Swagga Student of The Month: DRAKE

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Now, It kills me to see a guy of his caliber not blown up yet. This dude writes, sings and raps. And he is absolutley sick at ALL 3. It won't be long before Drake is killin the game. Listen to his shit, and watch yourself become in love with this dudes game.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Do We Really Want a Muslim President?

Barack Hussein Obama...
I don't think anyone can have a name that sounds more like a TERRORIST!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Angel Thief!

So I was at Chipotle (yum) eating with my sister and my pops when he started to tell me this CRAZY story that just recently happened…So there’s a man in the country of Dubai who owns his own jewelry store. One night he was working alone at his store when this angelic, older looking man walked in. He was wearing all white and had a nice gray beard. He had the appearance of an Angel. So this Angel man walked right up to the owner and took off a ring he was wearing and gave it to the owner and asked if he could fix it. The owner said “sure” without hesitation, “It will only take about 10 minutes”. The Angel man drifted off in the corner and started to wait for his ring to be fixed. A couple walked in the jewelry store, the owner quickly approached them and told them to just wait while he takes care of the other customer. The couple looked around and asked, “What other customer?” The owner pointed at the man in the corner and said “Right there, that man!” The couple continued to tell the owner that there was no man in the corner and that it was just them in the store. The couple thought the man was crazy so they left. After time goes by another couple walked in the jewelry store. The owner told the couple that he was almost done with the customer who was there. Again, the couple saw no man in the corner waiting for his ring to be finished. This couple called the man crazy and left the store. The owner was so confused and brought the Angel man his ring that he finished and gave it to him. Than the Angel man looked at him and said, “Only those who believe can see me, that is why the others could not see me, I’m here to tell you that you have a place in heaven and I have brought you something.” The angel man pulls out a small towel and tells the owner, take a deep breath into this towel and see what heaven smells like. The owner does so and starts cheering and praising God with excitement! Than the Angel man looks at him and says, “I have another present for you.” This time he pulls out another towel and tells the owner, “take a deep breath into this towel and see what heaven feels like!” The owner grabs the towel, takes a deep breath into the towel and falls to the ground instantly fainting………… Turns out this Angel man was not an Angel, he was a leader of a Gang and the two couples that had walked in earlier could actually see the “Angel Man” but acted like they could not, playing one big scam in trying to rob the jewelry store which they successfully did, leaving the owner completely dry with nothing left in his store. What were in the towels were toxic fumes causing him to pass out, and once he did, he would wake up to see that every piece of jewelry he once had, had been stolen… They used the innocence of God to do the devil’s work. This was probably the most genius story I’ve ever heard, but SO wrong on so many levels. Those people are going to hell!